The Good Word for the Baptism of the Lord January 11th

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Who is the best? Who is #1? This is a question we ask often in our society. Sports analysts argue over who is the current best NBA player. Then they argue about who is the best of all time. Cable news stations air endless discussions about which politician and which political party is on top. Minnesotans delight in one-uping each other in stories of bad weather and scary low temperatures.

John the Baptism witnesses to a different way of approaching life when he says, “One mightier than I is coming after me. I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of his sandals.” John the Baptist rightly knows, believes, and teaches that he is number 2.

In the spiritual life it is vitally important that every now and again we ask ourselves this simple but powerful question, “Who is my #1?” For some of us, it is our kids. We would lay down in traffic for them. For others it may be our parents, as they need so much of our attention and care. Still others, it may be our community or our jobs. If we are completely honest with ourselves, many days we are our own #1.

John shows us in this short Gospel reading that when we are at our best, Jesus Christ is our #1. When Jesus is #1, then we are able to give our very best to our kids, our spouses, our parents, our jobs, and ultimately ourselves.

Live It:
Make Jesus #1 tomorrow by give him the first 5 minutes of your day. Set your alarm for just 5 minutes earlier and when it goes off, sit up, say this simple prayer, “Good morning Jesus. I give you my day. I give you my first 5 minutes. Do with it what you will.” And then mindfully go about your day.

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