The Good Word for January 18

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Full disclosure, I’m a big fan of Target. I know it is just a store and just where I buy my toilet paper and milk, but there is something I really enjoy about going to Target.

I really like that the question that Target team members ask isn’t “How’s it going?” or “Are you lost?” or “Sir, would you please stop testing the Nerf guns?” Instead the always ask the same thing, “Can I help you find something?”

This question gets to the point, zeros in on why I am actually at Target in the first place, and encourages me to ask for help even when every fiber of my manhood is screaming to just keep walking aimlessly looking for that hard to find item.

In the Gospel today, two of John’s disciples leave him to follow Jesus. When Jesus notices them and turns around, Jesus asks this incredible question, “What are you looking for?” Jesus asks us the same question. What are we looking for in life? What is our motivation for doing what we do? Why do we go to work? Why do we enter into relationships? Have children? Make a home? Go to church? What exactly are we looking for in our life?

I think a big problem is that sometimes we aren’t looking for anything. Time marches on and we do the same thing today that we did yesterday. We lead busy lives, but we never stop to think about why we are doing what we are doing.

By asking this simple question, Jesus is asking us to be intentional about the things we do in our lives. Jesus is inviting us to think deeply about what we are looking for. In the end, Jesus knows that our complete happiness can only be found in one place – in intimate relationship with the person of Jesus.

Live It:
Ask yourself this question: If a total stranger examined your life, what would they say you are searching for? Does that answer match with what you are actually looking for in life?

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