The Good Word for November 16th

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huffyOne Christmas I received an amazing gift – a Huffy White-Heat Bike. It was rad. (Okay, the year was 1991. Totally rad.) That year I road my new bike everywhere. My neighborhood was my domain. That summer I road my bike to Aaron’s house for wiffle ball, to Jason’s house to play the original Nintendo, and to swim practice nearly every morning. Short of a few rainy days, I think I road my bike everyday.

The three servants in the gospel reading for this weekend are also given a gift. Each is given a sum of money. The first two servants take that money, and through investment, make back more money then they started with. The third servant is afraid of the master, so he digs a hole and hides his gift.

Why is the master so upset with the last servant when he comes home? The third servant doesn’t really use the gift he is given. The third servant doesn’t take full advantage of the incredible generosity of the master. The third servant acts out of fear and hides his gift. By not using the gift he is given, it’s as if the third servant doesn’t really accept the gift at all.

Jesus tells his parable as both an encouragement and a challenge. This parable reminds us the tremendous gift we have all been given is an intimate relationship with the God of the universe. God’s gift to us is Himself in Jesus Christ. If we hide that gift, like the third servant, and no one ever knows we have it, we will have wasted it. It will be like we never really accepted that gift at all.

The first and second servants take their gifts and invest it so as to grow it. If we are to grow our faith, our relationship with Jesus Christ, we must invest it in others. I don’t mean we force our faith on others, but authentically share the good news of how our relationship with Jesus makes a difference in our lives. Here is the other key, we don’t have to be perfect or have the perfect faith lives in order to share it. The first and second servants are given different numbers of talents. But both share what they have no matter how much they have.

If we can share our faith and grow faith in those around us, we too can hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Live It:
Think of 1-2 people to whom you are closest. Now pray that you have the desire and the courage to share your faith with them. Don’t know how to do that? Pray that the Holy Spirit give you opportunity and good ideas.

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