The Good Word for Sunday Oct 12

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Confession time. I am regularly given a honey-do list from my wife. When my wife hands me that honey-do list I almost never say no, but honestly, sometime I ignore parts of the list. (Oh man, I hope she doesn’t read the Good Word this week…)

I don’t purposely reject her request for something to be done, but I do conveniently ignore it. Even though these are different acts, the result is still the same – I don’t do what she asks.

In the Gospel, Jesus tells a parable about king who gives a wedding feast for his son. The first round of invited guests flat out refuses the invitation. The second round of invited guests simply ignores the invitation and does something else instead. Even though the response is different, the result is the same – neither goes to the feast.

We don’t think of ourselves as the kind of people who flatly refuse God’s invitation. More often, I think, we are people who simply ignore it and go do something else. God is inviting us to a great feast, a huge party, and often I just throw the invitation on my stack, thinking I will get to it later. The problem is that this invitation isn’t to “just another thing.” The invitation is to the greatest thing. It is an invitation to the thing we were made and destined to do – grow closer and closer to God.

Do you ignore God’s invitation? What do you do instead of attending God’s feast?

Live it:
Treat Mass this weekend like a party you were invited to. Dress well, get excited, and do the kind of things you would do to prepare for a party. If you have children, be creative and involve them in the preparation.

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